3d wire bending machine
2d wire bending machine
stirrup bending machine


  • Automatic High Precision CNC 3D Steel Wire forming Bending Machine
    1 cnc wire forming machine Replacing manual work with machine to improve production efficiency, no need to open the mould, PLC operation setting parameters for one-time forming, high forming accuracy and cost savings.
    2. Suitable for iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat), square, round, polygon and irregular shape, all kinds of plane buckles, all kinds of hooks.
  • HOT SALE! Chinese manufacturer sell 10mm automatic steel wire bending machine
    Brief description:

    steel wire bending machine is fully automatic production of various 2D molded parts, no need for mold, as long as the parameters are set in the electric box, you can bend out the ideal 2D shape, the wire diameter range is suitable for 4.0- 10.0mm.
  • Greatcity CNC Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine for sale
    stirrup bending machine for sale Max bending diameter of rebar is 12mm
    Continuously bend various stirrup of plane figure;
    Widely used in construction industry and rebar manufacturing enterprise;
    High efficiency and accurate processing precision.
  • newest Bucket Hook Handle Making Machine price
    Bucket Hook Handle Making Machine is to produce handles for bucket or pail expertly. We have 5 models for options:ordinary outer hook or inner hook type, reversing type, head type, multi-type mixed type, big blue handle heavy type for supermarket. Function includes automatic feeding - straightening - cutting - bending - hooking - wearing rubber handle - Finished product.
  • Competitive price rebar thread rolling screw making machine cnc
    1. cnc thread rolling machine for steel bar spindle adopts double combination of tapered roller bearing and needle roller bearing, which can ensure the concentricity and rigidity of the spindle.
    2. The gearbox adopts multi-stage gear transmission and is equipped with multiple speed control, which is suitable for the production of various workpieces.
  • Automatic PLC Cloth Hanger Making Machine
    This hanger Making Machine adopts full-automatic numerical control, accurate wire feeding, stable operation, low noise, can realize man-machine dialogue, and one machine can produce multiple hangers. A worker can manage 4-8 machines, can weld automatically, and save labor for you. The production capacity is 15 pieces per minute.
3D wire bending machine

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Xingtai Judu Technology  Co. Ltd is located in the historical industrial zone, Hebei province. Founded in 1999, we are a professional manufacturer of series of wire bending machine ,CNC stirrup bending machine and rolling machine.
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R9 Rebar Bending Machine

Rebar bending machine automatic  adopts the CNC servo control system,which can automatically complete the process of straightening,lengthening,bending hoop and cutting of steel bar.

2D Wire Bending Machine

Hardware products for daily use: kitchen display rack, shelf, egg beater, cabinet basket, refrigerator rack, steel wire products for shelf in bathroom, supermarket shopping basket, cart, display hanger.

3D Wire Forming Machine

Machine uses multiple servo motors. Computer operating systems, reducers, and screw slides are all well-known brands. The machine has greatly improved the precision and performance .


215 Thread Rolling Machine

It is applied for processing parts of high precision including regualer thread, trapezium thread, modulus thread and complete thread, Feacure: High efficiency, strong processing ability without adjustmnent.
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