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Automatic Hydraulic Steel small diameter Wire Ring Making Machine

This small diameter ring making machine adopts mechanical driven system , which is the expert machine produce rings with very fast speed.
it was widely used in Cloths and packing area. it is concentrating on open type ring making.
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Performance characteristics of small diameter ring making machine:

1) .Full hydraulic drive, infinitely variable speed, fully imported hydraulic components, among which: Danish oil motor; Taiwan brand motor, oil pump, solenoid valve, etc.

2). Use digital display program control (imported encoder and preset two-stage counting controller) to set the length and degree.

3). With output setting (control) function, when the output reaches the set value, it will automatically stop.

4). With automatic unloading function, the hydraulic pressure is automatically removed when there is no work, reducing the pressure time of hydraulic components, which is beneficial to extend its service life.

5). With the function of withdrawing the wire, the wire can be retracted and re-rolled during debugging to avoid waste of wire.

6). It adopts full hydraulic drive and hydraulic cut-off, and oil motor drives the wire feeding, so this machine only needs a low-power motor, which is more power-saving compared with mechanical machines.

7) .Adopt double-row slider to support the wire feeding wheel to ensure wire feeding:

8). The low-level design of the oil pump is adopted to effectively avoid the pump down phenomenon.

small diameter ring making machine Excellent materials:

The wire feeding wheel, straightening wheel and forming wheel of the servo loop machine are made of high-quality alloy steel, and through vacuum heat treatment, it has high abrasion resistance and long service life. , Its comprehensive mechanical properties are high, the gears are all forged billets, after quenching and tempering and high frequency hardening of the tooth surface, the hardness is as high as HRC55-58.

small diameter ring making machine technical specification:

Wire size 2-6mm 3-8mm 40T press 63t press
Ring inner dia 20-70mm 20-130mm 20-70mm 20-70mm
Production capacity/minute 60pcs 40-50pcs 60pcs 60pcs
Motor power 1.1kw 1.5kw 1.1kw 1.1kw
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1500*630*1530 1630*700*1680 1460*1350*2150 1460*1350*2350
Weight 500kg 550kg 1800kg 2100kg

small diameter ring making machine video on youtube 

ring making machine

ring making machine

ring making machine

ring making machine

  Why is the small diameter ring making machine so expensive? Instead, it says that the cost is halved and the cost performance is high? Because the speed of the servo circular machine is nearly doubled compared with the hydraulic circular machine, which is equivalent to the top two, and saves a labor cost, the electricity is also saved in half. As the boss, you will count this account. In the high season, do you want to work 24 hours a day in the workshop because of insufficient productivity? In fact, people need to rest, and the machine also needs to rest. The servo circular machine is one set, so that you do n’t have to worry about being unable to keep up with the progress Save time, power and money

ring making machine

small diameter ring making machine Packaging:

Stable wooden package protects machine from strike and damage.

Wound plastic film keeps machine out of damp and corrosion.

Fumigation-free package helps the smooth customs clearance.

The big size machine will be fixed in container without package.



For LCL, we cooperated with reputable logistics team to send machine to sea port speedily and safely.

For FCL, we get the container and do container loading by our skillful workers carefully.

For forwarders, we have professional and long-term cooperated forwarders who can handle the shipment smoothly. Also we would like to have seamless cooperation with your forwarder at your convenience.





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