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Automatic universal 2d Steel wire bending machine for sale

2d wire bending machine manufacturers without the need of the special mold, it greatly reduces the time and cost of the newly developed product; the stereoscopic molding can produce a three-dimensional shape line molding product; with an auxiliary lifting platform, it can further guarantee the production.
The stability and consistency of the product; the cutting knife can move downward to allow more space for product molding.
Diameter of wire:
Machine Type:
Applicable wire:
Control system:
  • ZD-2D-612
  • Greatcity
  • 8463300000

Advantages of 2d wire bending machine :

1. Designed in accordance with European customer requirements, increase the fuselage 80 * 80mm steel pipe welded heavy steel frame, the fuselage is more stable, the same domestic models are 40 * 40mm; 

2, imitate the German 3D machine to extend the upper and lower cutters, There is no trace on the wire cut, and the maximum diameter can be 12mm;

3. Five-axis ball screw, all Taiwan servo motor and control system, a full set of high-equipped reducer to make the machine last longer. 

4. Newly designed domestic original straightening frame, once straightened, and subsequent adjustments without secondary adjustment. With overall compression function; save a lot of time for subsequent straightening

5.The wire does not slip and does not damage the surface of the wire. There are three sets of linear adjusters, with a wheel diameter of 75mm. The diameter of the straightening wheel is increased to 40mm, which is more durable. Outer mold installation and removal is easier and saves time.

6.Thick steel plate design, increase the inner mold shaft diameter to 55mm, wire diameter above 7mm, long-term working machine is stable, not deformed, the same shaft diameter in China is 35mm; 

7, this model is the largest domestic size, the highest configuration, the most weight Heavy, longest service life of a new large wire diameter 2D machine

ZD-2D-612 model 2d wire bending machine technical specification:



number of  axles


processing wire dameter range 

6—12mm (iron wire )

Number of feeder wheels (group)


Applicable wire

Round wire, flat wire  square wire (suitable for any wire material)


10,000 data, 300 actions in a group

minimum feeding speed(m/min)


Servo motor power of feeding shaft(kW)


Power of Servomotor for Cutter Shaft(kW)


Power of Folded Axis Servomotor(kW)


Direction of action

Internal and external die can be lifted and bended in both directions.

Feeding  accuracy(mm)


minimum bending speed



20-24pcs/min,(200*200mm square shape)

operating system

32-bit Chinese and English (with upload and download function)

Input power supply


weight (KG)


Dimension (length*width*height mm)


wire bending machine manufacturers  video link on youtube :

Main Features for 2D wire bending machine 

1. A CNC automatic wire forming machine. The angled parts cooperate with each other to produce different products. The commissioning time is short. For new products, only simple adjustments are needed. After commissioning, the products can be produced and the delivery speed can be improved.

2. The function of the transfer line is made by the rotation of the wire itself, which makes the production of multi-angled corners more convenient, faster and faster.
3. The working platform can be moved up and down and moved left and right, and the molding space is larger, which provides more convenience for the production of 2D products.
4. Auxiliary lifting tray: It plays a supporting role to avoid the deformation of the product due to its own weight and the speciality of the product during production, and to ensure the stability of the product.

2d wire bending machine (2)

2d wire bending machine (3)

2d wire bending machine (4)

2d wire bending machine (5)

2d wire bending machine (7)

wire bending machine

Instructions for 2d wire bending machine  :

1. Install and place the machine correctly. After the machine is placed in the workshop, it is necessary to place the machine horizontally, so as to prevent the wire rod forming machine from shaking during production.

2. Connect the cable line and ground wire according to the instructions, turn on the switch of the numerical control controller, and check whether there is reverse connection of the cable. If the reverse connection is found, adjust the power line and connect it again.

3. The wire feeding mechanism is composed of three pairs of wire feeding wheels. The wire feeding wheels have two different depressions, which are used to compress wires with different wire diameters. Customers can adjust the front and back sides of the wire feeding wheel according to their wire diameter size to rotate the hand wheel until they clamp your wires. The discharging frame is a device for placing wires, which can be customized according to customer needs. Place your own wire rod in the discharging rack, find the wire head, send the wire head into the middle of the adjustment stringing wheel until it is sent into the wire feeding wheel, rotate the handle to feed the wire, compress the wire rod, tighten the wire pressing wheel of the straightening rack, and commission several times until the wire rod is straight.

4. Carefully open the operation manual or open the operation video to watch. If you don't understand, please contact our after-sales service hotline.

5. After learning how to operate, you can conduct simple sample debugging first. I wish you success!

2d wire bending machine (6)

2D wire bending machine 

Packing :   standardn export seaworthy wooden case 

Shipment:  about 3-7 days after receipt of the deposit.

By sea to your nearest port;
By air to your nearest airport;
Ship to the warehouse in China according to the customers’ requirement

2d wire bending machine (1)

after-sale service:

1. Xingtai judu technology Co., Ltd. is a powerful manufacturer. We have absolute confidence in the quality of our products and provide customers with high-quality after-sales service. All customers who buy 2D wire bending machine  from greatcity enjoy  within one year and lifelong system upgrade;

2. After sales service . starts 24 hours and serves you at any time;

3. In order to ensure product quality and service, all products of Xingtai judu technology Co., Ltd. will regularly call or visit customers as part of the after-sales service of greatcity machinery. Please actively cooperate with the company's personnel to call back. We will provide timely solutions and help according to the opinions and problems raised by customers;

4. The company establishes customer training system.




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