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HOT SALE! Chinese manufacturer sell 10mm automatic steel wire bending machine

Brief description:

steel wire bending machine is fully automatic production of various 2D molded parts, no need for mold, as long as the parameters are set in the electric box, you can bend out the ideal 2D shape, the wire diameter range is suitable for 4.0- 10.0mm.
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Applicable wire:
  • ZD-2D-4010
  • Greatcity
  • 8463300000

steel wire bending machine advantages:

Instead of manipulating the material by machine instead of manual, it can be produced without opening the mold. What shape you need to bend, as long as it is on a flat surface, our machines can meet your needs.

Applicable to iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat wire), curved, square, round, hexagonal, elliptical with irregular shape and various flat buckles, all kinds of hooks.

The application of  steel wire Bending Machine  :

1. auto parts: car seat frame, door lock lever, serpentine spring, including single snake and double snake, car cat head circlip, car seat belt circlip, car seat wire parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle Spare parts and baskets are more suitable for production with wire forming machines;

2. daily hardware products: kitchen display racks, racks, egg beaters, cabinet pull baskets, refrigerator grids, racks used in the bathroom wire products, supermarket shopping baskets, carts, display pendants and so on.

3. iron wire craft products, lighting line molding products, fishing gear accessories products, including wine racks, fruit pots in KTV, Christmas wire-formed gifts, all use different shapes of steel wire or iron wire winding Plane or three-dimensional pieces.

4. various cage processing: pet cages, bird cages, dog cages, breeding cages, trap cages, etc.

5. hangers, shoe hanging, curtain hooks, shelf hooks, display hooks and other hooks.


2d wire bending machine (1)

Advantages of 2D steel wire bending machine :

1. Automatic straightening, automatic cutting, automatic push bending, non-interference, one-time forming, unmanned operation, the efficiency is 4-5 times of the traditional model;

2. The internal mold and external mold can rotate and lift, the programming accuracy of each axis is 0.1 unit, the control accuracy is 0.01 unit, and the operation is simple and easy to learn;

3. Adopt servo motor control as a whole, eliminate backward hydraulic system, prevent noise and oil pollution, and ensure 100% of the machine's

Quality and stability;


 2dwire bending machine parameter

2d wire bending machine parameter

wire hanger hook bending machine2 (1)

Welding steel wire bending machine features:

1. The traditional manual butt welding can be completed independently with one equipment, and the Sino German welding machine can directly

Straightening, wire molding machine, to butt welding one-time molding;

2. Save manpower and material resources, save production cost and improve work efficiency;

3. The flatness of the workpiece is controlled by the positioning grip, with high production efficiency. One operator can operate multiple welding machines at the same time,

High cost performance;

4. Numerical control operation, simple and easy to learn, high precision butt welding, smooth and flat welding joint, high efficiency;

5. Bending frame welding machine, our structure is more stable and professional, increase welding yield, and its structure is small in fastening volume,

Reasonable layout, low noise, beautiful appearance, advanced control technology, stable movement performance, fast production speed,

The product size is accurate, realizing the features of power saving, high production and low cost.

welded 2d wire bending machine

weled wire bending machine

After sales support:

1. Greatcity  machinery has a strong after-sales service team support, first-class technology casting extraordinary Sino German machinery, if there is a problem, call after-sales phone to provide you with any door-to-door service within 24 hours;

2. When we sell steel wire bending machines, we will also provide comprehensive development suggestions for your production. For start-up customers, we can provide you with a series of consulting services;

3. All customers who buy our products enjoy one-year free warranty and lifelong maintenance, as well as related technical support, and the system is free within two years

Fee escalation;

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Features of Greatcity 3D steel wire bending  machine:

1. This machine is a 7-axis CNC automatic wire rod forming machine developed by our company;

2. The machine adopts many servo motors, computer operating system, reducer and screw slide rail, all of which are well-known brands, greatly improving the accuracy and performance of the machine, making the machine fast in production, good in stability, durable, low in failure rate, fast in adjustment, 7-axis linkage, etc;

3. The rotation function makes the production of wire rod more zigzag angle through the rotation of the rotation head of the shaft. It is more convenient and quick to debug the 3D products with high difficulty. The rotation angle can reach 340 °, which greatly improves the rotation angle required in the production;

4. The computer can store more than 10000 control programs through computer control;

5. The working twist can be lifted up and down, the forming space is larger, and it is more convenient for the production of 3D products;

6. Auxiliary lifting tray: it plays a supporting role to avoid possible deformation due to self weight and particularity of the product during production and ensure the stability of the product;

7. The system adopts the built-in intelligent module, which can switch the Chinese and English operation interfaces. The operation is simple and easy to learn. During production, the angle can be automatically detected, and the production quantity can be set. If there is any unqualified product, it will be shut down immediately. If there is no material, it will be automatically alarmed and shut down, and it will not empty the machine or waste product;

3d wire bending machine

steel Wire bending machine, also known as 2D wire forming machine, is mainly applicable to the forming of automobile parts, motorcycle parts, snake spring, bicycle parts, basket, commodity hardware, shelf, refrigerator basket, wire, handicraft, lighting, pet cage, hook, etc The quality is the pioneer management idea, which makes the wire rod forming machine more efficient and stable in the subsequent use process.

2d wire bending machine (6)

wire bending machine (10)

Packing of steel wire bending machine
1. 1 pc wood cartton ,carton weight 1000kg,dimension:2800mm*850mm*1500mm.
2. The packing can do as customers' requirement.


By sea to your nearest port;
By air to your nearest airport;
By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS)to your door;
Ship to the warehouse in China according to the customers' requirement

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Greatcity Customers

Our factory products exported to Asia, Africa, and other countries and regions, we are abide by integrity and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, relying on leading research and development capabilities efficient manufacturing, stable quality and good service to meet the needs of our customers at home and abroad, the company has now passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.

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  1. what is steel wire bending machine  Packaging?
    Automatic steel stirrup bending machine Free fumigation safe Wood case package.

  2.   Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?

Our factory is located in Xingtai City, the capital of Hebei Province, 1.5 hours way by high-speed rail from Beijing to Xingtai


3. Do you have the products in stock? 

 Yes , We have some model products can supply to you.


4. Can we use English or other languages on the display screen?

Yes, can. The system can achieve many languages, such as English, French, Russian, Spanish, and other languages


5. How should I do if meet some trouble while using?

we can supply English manual book and also take a video for showing how to resolve the problems or dispatch our worker to your factory.





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