Medical face mask making machine automatic production line 

3 ply mask making machine video show

N95 medical mask machine video show

Product introduction :
The 3 in 1 flat face mask making machine , also known as automatic disposable mask machine or automatic flat mask machine. It’s an ideal equipment for making high-end mask. From raw material feeding to finished product, the entire production is automatic, which can decrease the contact with the human body, so the mask can easily meet the testing standard and environmental protection requirements. The machine consists of four machines, adopts advanced intelligent system, combines the complex mask-making production process together, which makes the machine 2 times faster than the traditional ones, but the labor needs is 3 times less.
1. The machine has a stable performance and can work constantly for a long time, the qualified products are more than 99%.
2. The machine adopts full automatic control, running smooth and stably, without human help.
3. Reasonable structure, size and wrinkles adjustable, uniform size, with solid welding
4. 85% of machine parts are imported to ensure the quality of the equipment, no technical concern.


Product specifications  
175mm * 95mm
Product structure left and right elastic earbands + outer nonwoven fabric + nose bridge strip + meltblown fabric + inner nonwoven fabric;
Design speed 120 tablets / minute
Production speed Production speed:
Power 220V 50HZ
Installed capacity about 10KW (including air compressor power)
Compressed air 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa, 1.0 cubic meter / minute
Defective rate ≤1% (excluding defective products caused by glue spraying machine and material joints)
Start-up rate ≥85%
Equipment size(length * width * height) 6500 * 3500 * 1900mm
Machine color sheet metal warm gray 1C, primary color of aluminum profile
Weight 5T