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Greatcity 2D wire bending machine video 
   1. Wire forming machine replaces labor by machine ,improves production efficiency,
 and sets the parameters of numerical control operation once, which has high molding precision, and save cost.
   2. Applicable to iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel and non -ferrous metal wire(round, square, flat wire),hit(bend) square, round, ellipse, polygon and irregular shape and all kinds of flat buckle, all kinds of hooks.
   3. Both the inner and outer molds  can be rotated and lifted, The  Taiwan motor and numerical  control system have the characteristics of fast wire feeding ,high precision, large  memory, high flatness ,easy operation and easy operation
one machine can replace 20 labors,one day can save 500$,one moth you can save ,one month you can save the salary  salery to buy one machine 
Greatcity 2D Welded wire bending machine video 
  1. Heavy duty mechanical structures and minimum setup requirements due to reasonably design.
  2. Friendly man-machine interface, user friendly programming, easy to operate.
  3. Three group of strong feeding-wire roller subassemblies powered with servomotor ensure accurate wire feeding and excellent straightening.
  4. Optional automatic welding system. One machine has two functions; automatic  bending and automatic welding, to meet higher demand for automated production, improve production  efficiency, save  labor costs.
it is widely used in car auto parts,daily hardware supplies,iron wire craft products,all types of cage processing and Various hooks.
Greatcity 3D Wire bending machine video 
  Advantages & Feature:
  CNC 3d wire bending machine is to produce kinds of  3D wire forms expertly with high precision and fast speed. Adopts Japanese Sanyo Denki Servo motorand screen display with Taiwan controller.
  3-4 pairs feeding roller, feeding motor fixed on the bottom base, so as to decrease the feeding box weight, that wire rotatings more fast and light, turning angle is more precise and stable.
It can bend various 3d shape,The servo motor has smaller error, higher bending efficiency and less error than hydraulic products

2D Wire Bending Machine

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   Model   ZD-2D-206  
   processing wire diameter   2-6mm iron wire  
   Applicable wire   Round, flat, square (for any wire material)  
   Maximum wire feed speed    100(m/min)  
   Servo motor power of feeding shaft   1.5(kw)  
   Power of Servomotor for Cutter Shaft    1.5(kw)  
   Power of Folded Axis Servomotor   1.5(kw)  
   production efficiency   25-30pcs/min, (200*200mm square)  
   Input power   380V,50HZ/60HZ  
   Machine weight    700(KG)  
   Machine size   2400×1000×1400 (length * width * height mm)
Greatcity 2D Series  wire bending Machine Main features :
​ This series suitable for 2-6mm wire
improve production  efficiency, save  labor costs

accurate wire feeding and excellent straightening


2D Wire Bending Machine

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   Model   ZD-2D-308  
   processing wire diameter   3-8mm iron wire  
   Applicable wire   Round, flat, square (for any wire material)  
   Maximum wire feed speed    22(m/min)  
   Servo motor power of feeding shaft   2.6(kw)  
   Power of Servomotor for Cutter Shaft    2.0(kw)  
   Power of Folded Axis Servomotor   2.0(kw)  
   production efficiency   20-24pcs/min, (200*200mm square)  
   Input power   380V,50HZ/60HZ  
   Machine weight    800(KG)  
   Machine size   3100×1000×1400 (length * width * height mm)
Greatcity 2D Series  wire bending Machine Main features :
​ This series suitable for 3-8mm wire

various custom graphics
bi-directional bending, with automatic feeding device


2D Welded Wire Bending Machine

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 Model  ZD-2D-206 ZD-2D-308  ZD-2D-4010
 processing wire diameter  2-6mm iron wire  3-8mm iron wire  4-10mm iron wire
 Applicable wire  Round, flat, square (for   any wire material) Round, flat, square (for any wire material)  Round, flat, square (for   any wire material)
 Maximum wire feed       speed (m/min)  100  22  11
 Servo motor power of         feeding shaft(kw)  1.5  2.6  3.5
 Power of Servomotor for     Cutter Shaft (kw)  1.5  2.0  3.0
 Power of Folded Axis   Servomotor(kw)  1.5  2.0  2.6
 production efficiency  25-30pcs/min,   (200*200mm square)  20-24pcs/min,   (200*200mm square)  11-15pcs/min,   (200*200mm square)
 Input power  380V,50HZ/60HZ  380V,50HZ/60HZ  380V,50HZ/60HZ
 Machine weight (KG)  700  800  1000
 Machine size (L * W * H )  2400×1000×1400mm  3000×1000×1400mm  3600×1000×1400mm
Greatcity 2D Series Welded wire bending Machine Main features : 
This series suitable for 2-10mm wire
automatic  weldiing ,improve Work efficiency
Can accept add Chamfering function 


3D Wire Bending Machine

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  No of Axes   5
  Processing wire diameter   4-8mm iron wire                                           
  Wire-feeding  wheel number   3
  Moving axis servo motor power   1(kw)
  Servo motor power of feeding shaft   3.5(kw)
  Cutter shaft servo motor power   1.0(kw)
  Power of folded axis servo motor   2.0(kw)
  Am-turning axis servo motor power   3.5(kw)
  Input power   380V,50Hz/60Hz
  Weight   2800(kg)
  Machine size   2600*1200*2000(L*w*h)
Greatcity 3D  wire bending Machine Main features : 
This Model suitable for 4-8mm wire

It can process many kinds of 3D  welded shape
The most cost-effective model
The machine head  does not turn, ensuring fast and stable production
Our advantages
 1. The overall use of Taiwan servo motor and CNC control system, eliminating the backward hydraulic system and PLC controller, not only to prevent noise and oil   pollution, but also easy to learn and operate more easily, 100% guarantee the quality and stability of the machine.
 2. Sino-German Machinery has a strong after-sales service team support, first-class technology casting extraordinary Sino-German machinery, if there is a problem, call   the after-sales phone to provide you with any door-to-door service within 24 hours.
 3. We also provide comprehensive development advice for the production of your products while we sell wire forming machines. We can provide you with a range of   consulting services for start-up customers.
 4. All customers who purchase our Sino-German machines enjoy one year of free warranty and lifetime maintenance, as well as related technical support, and the     system will be upgraded free of charge within 2 years.
 5. We look forward to your inspection of our product quality and service with the most sincere service attitude.

Wire Bending Machine Inquiry
Pre-sale service:
1.Any inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.
2.Professional manufacture, welcome to visit our website
3.OEM/ODM available
4.High quality, fashion designs, reasonable and competitive price, fast lead time

After-sale service:
 1.All steel wire bending machine production will have been strictly quality checked in house before packing
 2.All products will be well packaged before shipping
 3.All our products have 1 year warranty, and we sure the product will be free from maintenance with warranty period
 4.Faster delivery: Sample order in stock, and 7-10 days for bulk production
 5.Payment: You can pay for the order by T/T or L/C

 1. what is steel stirrup bending machine Packaging?
Automatic steel stirrup bending machine Free fumigation safe Wood case package.
 2.  Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
Our factory is located in Xingtai City, the capital of Hebei Province, 1.5 hours way by high-speed rail from Beijing to Xingtai
 3. Do you have the products in stock? 
 Yes , We have some model products can supply to you.
 4. Can we use English or other languages on the display screen?
Yes, can. The system can achieve many languages, such as English, French, Russian, Spanish, and other languages
 5. How should I do if meet some trouble while using?
we can supply English manual book and also take a video for showing how to resolve the problems or dispatch our worker to your factory.
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