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Working piece of 3D wire bending machine processing

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At present, the application of full-automatic 3D servo wire bending machine has been paid attention to the following five fields:

1. Automotive parts: car seat skeleton, door lock tie rod, snake spring, including single snake and double snake, car cat head clamp spring, sunshade plate skeleton, car seat bracket steel parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, basket and so on.
2. Hardware for daily use: kitchen display rack, shelf, egg beater, cabinet basket, refrigerator rack, toilet shelf.

workpiece of automatic stirrup bending machine processing

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Our factory digests and absorbs European advanced technology and independently researches and develops CNC automatic stirrup bending  machines with intellectual property rights. It is a combination of straightening, bending, and shearing functions. It is controlled by digital programs and can be bent to produce various shapes of rebars.Special equipment,the machine can bend double bars at the same time,high production efficiency,easy adjustment,favored by users.

Workpiece of thread rolling machine processing

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Thread Rolling machine two spindle center distance adjusted for the two spindle seat were adjusted to the center, that is, when the workpiece is in the center of the machine rolling, the rolling long workpiece and through the machine more aspects. The angle between the spindle axis and the table surface can be adjusted between ± 3 °. During the rolling, the feed amount per axis of the workpiece can be determined according to the parameters of the workpiece and the mechanical properties of the workpiece material.

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