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Thanks for your purchasing Greatcity machinery products, since our inception, customer support has been a top priority and that standard still remains today.  Please kindly read this article for better understanding the services we provide,  any comments and suggestions from you are highly appreciate.

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    1. Wire forming machine replaces labor by machine, improves production efficiency, does not need to open the mold, and sets the parameters of numerical control operation once, which has high molding precision and saves cost.
    2, applicable to iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat wire), hit (bend) square, round, ellipse, polygon and irregular shape and all kinds of flat buckle, all kinds of hooks.
    3. Both the inner and outer molds can be rotated and lifted. The Taiwan motor and numerical control system have the characteristics of fast wire feeding, high precision, large memory, high flatness, easy operation and easy operation.
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    First, auto parts: car seat skeleton, door lock lever, serpentine spring, including single snake and double snake, car cat head circlip, sun visor skeleton, car seat wire parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle spare parts Production of baskets, etc.
    Second, daily hardware supplies: kitchen display racks, racks, eggbeaters, cabinet pull baskets, refrigerator grids, restroom racks.
    Third, iron wire craft products, lighting molding products, fishing gear accessories products, including wine racks, household fruit bowls, garden gardening flower stands, Christmas wire gifts.
    Fourth, all types of cage processing: bird cages, dog cages, pet cages, breeding cages, trap cages and so on.
    Fifth, hangers, shoe racks, curtain hooks, shelf hooks, display hooks and other hooks.

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    1. Before the equipment installation and debugging,our company will dispatch 1-2 technicians to your company for free training. After installation, the technicians will conduct on-site training for all the users in working place. If necessary, we will discuss with the user to arrange other time invite the experts to give lectures. During this time , accommodation, training venues and consumables of trainers and technicians are all borne by us.
    2. After signed the contract Before the end of the delivery, Time agreed by both parties
    our company will send relevant professional and technical personnel to provide free training to the users worker. 

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