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  • Why are greatcity wire bending forming machines is popular?

    Why are greatcity wire bending machines popular? Sino-German is not only selling equipment, but from the customer's point of view, how to choose the wire bending machine suitable for the customer.
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    Choose greatcity 2d wire bending machine, let value>price, Sino-German wire bending machine strictly controls the quality, customer buying Sino-German wire bending machine is not the end of the service, but the service has just begun! Let customers use the wire bending machine satisfied is our aim!
  • Application scope of 2D wire rod forming machine?

    Application scope of 2D wire rod forming machine:
    1、 Automobile parts: automobile seat frame, door lock rod, snake spring, including single snake and double snake, car cat clip spring, sunshade frame, car seat support steel wire parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, basket, etc;
    2、 Daily hardware: kitchen display shelf, shelf, egg beater, cabinet basket, refrigerator rack, toilet shelf;
    3、 Iron wire craft products, lighting molding products, fishing gear accessories products, including wine rack, household fruit plate, garden flower rack, Christmas wire gift;
    4、 All kinds of cage processing: bird cage, dog cage, pet cage, breeding cage, rat cage, etc;
    Hanger, shoe hanger, curtain hook, shelf hook, display rack hook, etc;
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  • Introduction of 2D wire rod forming machine and CNC wire rod forming machine controller

    This spring machine controller is a special controller developed for 2-axis / 3-axis spring machine. It has the following characteristics: (1) it adopts 32-bit high-performance processor and high-speed motion control module, with high reliability and processing speed up to 600 / min; (2) high-precision synchronous control mode, with programming accuracy of 0.1 unit and control precision of 0.01 unit for each axis; (3) The type, maximum speed, gear ratio and direction of each axis are set by parameters to support parameter backup and recovery; (4) table format programming is simple and easy to learn, supporting teaching programming and axis coordinate direct input program; (5) it has handwheel and inching debugging and processing function, which can modify the program in real time during debugging; (6) simplified Chinese display interface, supporting automatic screen saver; (7) 32M large program space, can store up to 10000 programs; (8) with USB interface, support file copy and software upgrade; (9) 24 point input, support high-speed probe detection input and wire winding, broken wire, running line alarm detection input of wire feeder; (10) 16 point output, support four groups of probe cylinder; (11) Support multi-level authority management, with controller lock, parameter protection function; (12) can customize boot screen, screen saver screen, manufacturer name, logo display.
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  • Alarm and treatment of 2D steel wire bending machine

    Alarm number alarm information processing method 010 emergency stop system has abnormal emergency stop input alarm. Please remove the emergency stop 020 X-axis servo alarm after troubleshooting. Please check the x-axis drive fault, restart servo drive 021 Y-axis servo alarm after lifting, check the y-axis drive fault, restart servo drive 022 z-axis servo alarm after lifting, please check Z-axis servo alarm Axis drive failure, restart servo drive 031 program error program after cancellation, please write program 032 data is not in range. Please check data range 033 loop error, incorrect line number, incorrect line number, please confirm: end line cannot be less than start line, loop instruction line cannot loop too many times between start line and end line, and the number of times is incorrect The number of cycles is incorrect. Please modify 035 ng without setting probe detection command before the probe ng command is not used. Please modify 036 ng command and only use the probe ng command once. Please modify 040 output. Please clear the processed output or set the 042 thread entanglement alarm. Please correct the line rack fault and start 042 wire break alarm Please correct the fault and start the spring machine controller smc208a 22043 running line alarm. Please correct the fault and start the 047 speed too high. Please set the speed change speed to reduce speed 050. Please return the x-axis to zero. Please do the x-axis return to zero 052. Please return the z-axis to zero. Please do the z-axis return to zero operation 080. If the probe is not touched, please check whether the probe position is correct or if the connection is correct 081 Probe has been touched. Please adjust probe position 082 bad output stop. Press emergency stop button to clear alarm. Adjust probe position 090 X axis zero fault check whether the x-axis origin signal is connected correctly 092 Z axis zero reset fault check whether z-axis origin signal is connected correctly
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