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How to choose the wire forming machine that suits you?

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1. Simple wire forming products can be produced: flat wire forming machine, transfer wire forming machine, rotor wire forming machine, and profiled wire forming machine. Then choose according to the size of the product line. Generally, the flat wire forming machine, the transfer forming machine and the different forming machine are more suitable for the production of small pieces and short parts of products below 7.0 mm. Large-diameter products are selected for the rotor line forming machine to ensure stability. JD-3D-5800 & 8.0mm is the closest OMECG molding technology in France to Numan and Italy. It has high production precision and good stability. Its price is lower than OMECG and its cost performance is extremely high.

2. It is best to choose a profiled wire forming machine for the production of special-shaped and difficult products. Because it is a full-servo numerical control device, there are 8-10 servo motors on the panel, and the degree of automation is relatively high. It is very suitable for the production of some small products and special-shaped and difficult products. Spring is his basic function, and his profiled molding also has his obvious automation advantages. The multi-axis camless machine JD-12R-800 & 8.0mm is the representative of domestic high-end multi-axis camless machine.

  In short, the product determines the positioning of the device

Second, it is related to the positioning of the company's development.

  If it is a product with high precision requirements and a large number of requirements, such as daily hardware products, pull basket wire products, etc., you can consider the low-end price of cheaper cam spring machine, transfer wire forming machine. If it is a high-end product that requires high precision and stability, and is used in high-tech products such as automobiles, airplanes, mobile phones, computers, etc., it is necessary to choose a rotor wire forming machine, a profiled wire forming machine.

From the perspective of long-term development, the structure of the turning machine is very intuitive, the debugging is very convenient, and the special-shaped wire forming machine has high degree of automation for the high-profile products. These two models are more in line with the future development trend of wire forming equipment.

     Greatcity  focuses on R&D of production and sales line forming machine equipment, and the high-speed motor is equipped with the turning head folding machine. The production speed is higher than the domestic production speed of more than 25%, and it is at the forefront of domestic wire forming technology.

Third, the last step for the manufacturer to choose is which equipment to buy.

 First look at the strength. At present, the domestic well-known and powerful folding line equipment manufacturers are: Berenger, Huiting, Max, Yinfeng, basically all the folding machines can be found in these manufacturers, the strength of the manufacturers are quality and after-sales service. Guarantee;

Also look at word of mouth and market share. 3- to 5-year market testing, feedback from peers is the best testimony. There is also a good way to verify the equipment of a folding machine manufacturer. Proofing is generally required on the market, but the wire forming machine that has been tested can be purchased with confidence. It is worthwhile to test the stability and feasibility of hundreds of thousands of equipment production with an investment of several thousand yuan.


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