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Maintenance method of rebar hread rolling machine in daily operation

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Today our company will introduce to you how to properly maintain the rebar thread rolling machine during use and operation:

   1. The operator is allowed to operate after passing the examination and obtains the operating certificate. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and abide by the safety and shift system. Thread rolling machine

    2. Before work, the oil should be filled strictly in accordance with the lubrication regulations, and the amount of oil should be maintained, the oil path is unblocked, the oil mark (window) is eye-catching, and the oil cup is clean.

    3. Check whether the fasteners of various parts are loose, whether the control mechanism is flexible and reliable, and whether the safety protection device is good.

    4. Start the rebar thread rolling machine idling for 5min-I Omin before work, and confirm that the lubrication, hydraulic, electrical system and various transmission parts are running normally before starting work.

    5. According to the process requirements of the processed parts, correctly select and install the thread rolling die, the rolling die and the straightening die. At the same time, the thread position and end face adjustment of the thread rolling die and the taper adjustment of the thread of the processed part are correctly performed. When processing large workpieces, shorten the span of the two pivot bearing seats of the fixed spindle and the movable spindle as much as possible to improve the rigidity of the spindle; when processing smaller workpieces using cantilever rolling, the rolling pressure shall not exceed 58800N, and the width of the rolling die shall not exceed 40mm.

    6. Always pay attention to the operating conditions during work, and keep the interlock, limit, and feed mechanisms accurate and reliable. If abnormal phenomena are found, check and deal with them in time.



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