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What are the precautions for automatic wire bending machine operation?

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The handling precautions for the metal wire bending machine are as follows:

        1. Check if the tool screws are tightened;

           (The equipment tool includes a wire feed pulley, a wire guide, a cutting knife, a folding angle plate, a corner core, and a folding knife)

        2, the wire bending machine  is not used for a long time, should try to loosen the wire reel compression screw;

          (The delivery screw compression screw ratio is 19mm three hexagonal screws above the wire feeder box)

        3. It is strictly forbidden to approach the work area by hand during the operation of the equipment;


        4. Before the equipment is started, use the hand wheel to detect the operation and see if the program is correct.

           (There are differences in the wire diameters of the tools and wires used to produce different products. Before starting production, make sure that the tools on the equipment match the products produced)

        5, cut off can not be manually cut off, but should click the cutter button to quickly cut off;

            (Select the manual button in the operation panel, then click the cut button)

6. It is strictly forbidden to modify the parameters without authorization;

        7. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to disassemble the equipment, and do not touch the internal circuit of the equipment at will;

        8. When the wire dust is too large, the surface of the wire should be oiled to increase lubrication;

       9. Do not exceed the load of the equipment for production;

            (The wire diameter of the product to be produced should not exceed the standard range of the equipment. The wire to be loaded should not exceed the load of the wire frame.)

       10. When the wire rotation is reversed, the rotation direction switch should be changed by operating the wire frame rotation direction switch, and the wire frame position is moved to conform to the wire rotation;

       11. The wire bending machine  should be kept clean and tidy, and the iron filings, sundries, dust, etc. of the equipment should be cleaned regularly. The maintenance period is once a week;

       12. Regularly do the lubrication and anti-corrosion work of the equipment (equipment gears, bearing shafts, sliders, etc.), and the maintenance cycle is once every three months.



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