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Why are there more and more 2d 3d cnc wire forming machines now?

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Have you found that there are various kinds of wire forming machines around us? Of course, these wire forming machines do not appear without complaint, mainly conform to the development of the times and social progress. In this process, there are many manufacturers have also used automated line forming machine equipment to replace manual, because if you do not keep pace with the progress of the times, then the next social elimination is you.

In order to enable more manufacturers to better stand firm,  now introducing to the market the wire forming machines, which can solve the labor shortage, slow production and other problems for the automotive industry, household hardware industry, furniture hardware industry and other industries. What advantages does greatcity's wire forming machine have that people like so much?

1. The equipment is simple in structure, fast in adjusting speed, easy to learn and operate.

2. Achieving product accuracy;

3. wire forming  machine can produce 3-12mm wire diameter products. It only needs to replace the cutter, without changing the machine, which greatly reduces the cost and has fast production speed. It can replace the old manual operation.

4. The machine has the design of automatic lubrication and oil supply to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

5. Access to the Internet, remote operation, easy to handle training and after-sales issues.

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