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Automatic CNC 2D Wire Bending Machine 5mm used for Kitchen Basket

Greatly improve the working efficiency of 2D wire bending machine .The steel wire bending machine is simpler to operate than the previous PLC control system, with high precision and large amount of information storage. The main machine and the butt welding equipment are perfectly combined to realize automatic forming.Butt welding, argon arc welding,welded iron wire and stainless steel wire can be realized.
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At present, the application of 2D Wire Bending Machine 5mm Automatic CNC 2D Bending Machine fully automatic 2D servo wire bending machine , wire bender is mainly in the following five fields:

1. Automotive parts: car seat skeleton, door lock rod, snake spring, including single snake and double snake, car cat head spring, car seat belt spring, car seat support steel wire, motorcycle spare parts, bicycle spare parts, basket are more suitable for production with wire forming machine;

2. Hardware products for daily use: kitchen display rack, shelf, egg beater, cabinet basket, refrigerator rack, steel wire products for shelf in bathroom, supermarket shopping basket, cart, display hanger, etc.

3. Wire crafts, lighting lines, fishing gear accessories, including red wine racks, fruit pots in KTV, gifts made of various steel wires at Christmas, are all used in flat or three-dimensional parts made of different shapes of steel wires or wires.

4. Processing of various cages: pet cage, bird cage, dog cage, breeding cage, squirrel cage, etc.

5. Clothes hanger, shoe hanger, curtain hook, shelf hook, display hook and other hooks.

5mm wire bending machine  technical specification :



number of  axles


processing wire dameter range 

2—6mm (iron wire )

Number of feeder wheels (group)


Applicable wire

Round wire, flat wire  square wire (suitable for any wire material)


10,000 data, 300 actions in a group

minimum feeding speed(m/min)


Servo motor power of feeding shaft(kW)


Power of Servomotor for Cutter Shaft(kW)


Power of Folded Axis Servomotor(kW)


Direction of action

Internal and external die can be lifted and bended in both directions.

Feeding  accuracy(mm)


minimum bending speed



25-30pcs/min,(200*200mm square shape)

operating system

32-bit Chinese and English (with upload and download function)

Input power supply


weight (KG)


Dimension (length*width*height mm)


5mm wire bending machine  Video link on youtube:

2d wire bending machine (10)

2d wire bending machine (11)

2d wire bending machine (1)

Greatcity Machinery Factory processing capacity display

steel wire bending machine factory

steel wire bending machine factory

2D Wire Bending Machine 5mm Automatic CNC 2D Bending Machine :Suitable for iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat), punching (bending) square, round, hexagonal, ellipse and various irregular shape of plane wire shape.

2d wire bending machine (5)

Advantages of 5mm wire bending machine :

1. Automatic straightening, automatic cutting, automatic push bending, non-interference, one-time forming, unmanned operation, the efficiency is 4-5 times of the traditional model;

2. The internal mold and external mold can rotate and lift, the programming accuracy of each axis is 0.1 unit, the control accuracy is 0.01 unit, and the operation is simple and easy to learn;

3. Adopt servo motor control as a whole, eliminate backward hydraulic system, prevent noise and oil pollution, and ensure 100% of the machine's

Quality and stability;

2d wire bending machine (6)

2d wire bending machine (9)

Packing of 5mm wire bending machine
1. 1 pc wood cartton ,carton weight 1000kg,dimension:2800mm*850mm*1500mm.
2. The packing can do as customers' requirement.
By sea to your nearest port;
By air to your nearest airport;
By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS)to your door;
Ship to the warehouse in China according to the customers' requirement

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