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Easy operation automatic Rebar Upsetting forging Machine price

Rebar Upsetting forging Machine using hydraulic cold heading of the principle of plastic deformation of steel ends, the diameter increases 4 ~ 6mm, and then processing thread. So that the actual cross-sectional area after processing thread larger than the original cross-sectional area of steel, greatly improving the tensile strength joints.
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Easy operation automatic Rebar Upsetting forging Machine price 


Product Features and Details:
          a. High production efficiency,each hour can be upsetting 300-500 head.
          b. Processing a wide range of steel,which can be processed in line with HRB335 (Ⅱ grade steel), HRB400 (Ⅲ grade steel) standard Φ16-Φ40mm,various specifications of the steel.
          c. Equipment failure rate is small,non-fragile parts construction costs low.
          d. Environmental protection,security,it is not subject to environmental and climates changes.
          e. The end of the steel cross-sectional area expanded into the bottom diameter of the screw thread of base metal,fully play the tensile strength.
          f. Simple operation,hydraulic electrical control,do not need professional technicians training,ten minutes to boot operation.

Product Description

 Rebar Upsetting forging  Machine technical specification

Model JD-32S
Voltage 380V
Hydraulic fluid 68#antiwear hydraulic oil
Power 7.5kw
Max Pressure 80Mpa
Weight 880kg
Size 705*1100*150mm

Rebar Upsetting Machine (8)

Rebar Upsetting Machine 9

Rebar Upsetting Machine 10

Rebar Upsetting Machine details 11

Rebar Upsetting Machine (6)

 Rebar Upsetting Machine processing workpiece 


Packaging & Shipping

1. Rebar Upsetting forging  Machine Packaging: 1)Wrapped by protective film;
                             2)Packed by standard import & export wooden cases or carton boxes.

2. Shipping:   By logistics; by automobile; by train; by shipping; by air etc.


Our Services
All inquiries replied after 12 hours by email or phone call
Available engineer for overseas service
For more details of   Rebar Upsetting forging  Machine , some expert can provide information in different language (Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic)
Available for any contact to different social net work.
Any visit to our factory authorized for test, or simple visit.
Company Information

Our Xingtai Greatcity Machinery Company ,have long life in making Rebar Upsetting forging  Machine.our machine is with  good reputation and credit. We can provide you not only good quality automatic stirrup bending machine but also good after-sale service.

Rebar Upsetting Machine


1 Q: I haven't used this thing. What if I don't know how to use it?  

  We provide online technical guidance and video docking. 

2 Q: Can you guarantee the quality of Rebar Upsetting forging  Machine?    

Our company has welding robot, CNC machining center and other processing equipment, CE certification, production specifications, strict quality inspection.

3 Q: How to solve after-sales problems?Rebar Upsetting Forging Machine     

We provide a 1-year warranty, free of charge for non consumable parts.

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