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Full Automatic Dust Medical Face pure electric no cylinder Mask Making Machinery with 3 Line , Auto Surgical Face Mask Machine

Auto Surgical Face Mask Machine , also known as C-type mask machine and butterfly-type mask machine, is a fully automatic machine for the production of folding mask bodies
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  • JD5R
  • Greatcity

Simple introduction:

The full-automatic medical mask making machinery (one for two) uses servo and constant temperature control system to control the material from entering compounding → molding → welding → punching → spot welding ear bands at one time through the PL program control. The entire production process is fully automated. Product features of the mask machine The mask machine is a process of manufacturing a variety of masks with constant filtration performance through processes such as hot-pressed folding molding, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, and welding of earband nose bridge strips. Its production rate of masks is 120 pieces / min and above, and the pass rate is over 98%, which can more than double the production efficiency of similar products.

First, the main parameters:

★ Product specifications: 175mm * 95mm;

★ Product structure: left and right elastic earbands + outer nonwoven fabric + nose bridge strip + meltblown fabric + inner nonwoven fabric;

★ Design speed: 120 tablets / minute;

★ Production speed: 100 tablets / minute;

★ Power: 220V 50HZ;

★ Installed capacity: about 10KW (including air compressor power);

★ Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa, 1.0 cubic meter / minute;

★ Defective rate: ≤1% (excluding defective products caused by glue spraying machine and material joints);

★ Start-up rate: ≥85%;

★ Equipment size: (length * width * height) 6500 * 3500 * 1900mm;

★ Machine color: sheet metal warm gray 1C, primary color of aluminum profile;

★ Weight: about 5T.

mask making machinery video show :

mask making machine

mask making machine

1. Adopting aluminum alloy rack which is more light and solider

2. High stability

3. one output line , high capacity

4. Fully Automatically , make outside earloop welding togther with 

mask producing process which can save  labor ,  once  non woven raw

 material in unwinding part use up , the machine can automatically stop .

mask making machine

Our Services & Strength

1.Advanced Technology 
    More than ten years of production experience. More experience,more mature products,Better quality products. 
2.Excellent machine parts 

    Our mask making machinery are all made of the best parts, and all the core parts are imported from other industrial developed countries, such as Germany, Britain, France, Japan and Taiwan. to ensure the quality of the product to achieve the best.

3.Full automatic 

   Our machines are fully automated and all setup operations are implemented on the touch screen. When the operator places the material in place, the entire process is finished by pressing the start-up process until the all material is finished in the feed bin.

mask making machine

If you want get more details for  mask making machinery ,or can not find out what you are  looking for,pls feel free to contact me,i will do my best for you.

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