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Greatcity Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine / CNC rebar Bending Machine Price

1. stirrup bending machine price vertical straightening mechanism, can be individually straightened for each bar to ensure the quality of bar straightening;
2.All the rollers are made of high-quality alloy steel, high hardness, good wear resistance, and increase the service life;
3.There is a steel rebar control bar near the corner to ensure the bending quality.
Raw Material:
  • R6
  • Greatcity
  • 8462219000


The stirrup  bending  machine  price Can fully suit to bend the three grade deformed steel bar, it is manufactured from xingtai great city machinery co.,ltd. Our company imported advanced European technology and research to design this machine.  it is professional for bending the wire rod steel bar.  it is a fully automatic stirrup processing equipment which integrate straightening, bending and cutting etc. The Machine  adopt curve anti-roll design, which can effectively prevent axial distortion of steel bar, especially the three grade steel bar, the effect is better.


With the Ministry of housing promotion of new three grade steel instead of a round steel policy implementation, construction stirrups gradually all by the three grade re-bar instead of a round steel. Domestic existing CNC bending machine processing round steel can also, processing three grades of steel, especially double line three grade steel basic processing. Some imported brand equipment is also difficult to do. Mainly produced by the Chinese steel mill produced by the reinforcement of the parent material characteristics. The torsion of the steel bar during the straightening process causes the axial rotation of the steel bar. The opening of the stirrup is large, not in a plane. Therefore, the axial distortion of reinforcing bars has become a major problem in the steel processing industry. Our company scientific research personnel continue to scientific and technological innovation, the use of curve anti new design of CNC bending machine, effectively solve the axial torsion of steel bars this difficult problem. Welcome friends to come to our company to investigate and demonstrate.

R6  stirrup  bending  machine  price   technical specification:



Single bar diameter (mm)


Double bar diameter (mm)


Max bending angle ( °)


Max towing speed (m / min)


Max bending speed ( °/ sec )


Length accuracy (mm)


Angular accuracy  ( °)


Number of processing


Power (kw)


Shape processing (kinds)


Working temperature (℃)

-5 -- 40

Weight (kg)


Dimensiion (mm)


Average power(kw / h)


R6  stirrup  bending  machine  price  video link on youtube 

R6 stirrup  bending  machine  price detailed picture show 

R6 stirrup bending machine (18) (41)

R6 stirrup bending machine (18) (42)

R6 stirrup bending machine (18) (17)

R6 stirrup bending machine (18) (20)

R6 stirrup bending machine (18) (37)

Feature of stirrup  bending  machine  price


Automatic counting, automatic arrangement without landing


The use of intelligent control, processing a variety of sizes, a variety of square, rectangular, diamong, polygon


From the wire rod raw material to the stirrup product forming once, can process cold, hot rolling, high strength wire rod, steel bar.


Productivity is high, quite twenty to thirty artificial.


The equipment use is strong, just one person operation, save a lot of artifical.


Save the raw material in the work is almost no loss of reinforced material continuous forming.


Small footprint, saving straightening work area and cutting work area, can operate in narrow areas.


The equipment maintenance costs and energy costs are very low.


The machine can be manufactured on single line. The length accuracy is constant 1mm, and the bending angle accuracy is +1.


Advanced touch screen for editing, graphics can be edited at the same time, can also be stored, retaine, easy to use later.


stirrup bending machine _08 (12)

1. How long of the stirrups can be make?

stirrup  bending  machine  price can process 0.1-3M stirrups and back-straps

If more than 3M , need to customize long of the straight strip can be make?

Straight strip type bending machine can process 9M straight strips long of the back-strap can be make?

Back-strap bending machine have the function of the stirrup bending machine,can process 0.1-9M back-straps, can adjust to 90 degree, 135 degree,180 degree,The stirrup hook is automatically aligned and adjustable in length

4.what is the speed of the machine?

The time of process one stirrup is 1.5s, can process 1800-2400pcs stirrups for one hour, the speed is very fast, one machine replace 10 labors, one day can save 300USD, one month you can save the salary to buy one machine

5.what is the function of the machine?

The machine automatic stirrup production equipment,with straightening function, one machine has two usage.

What is the usage of the machine?

It is one type of rebar processing machine, can bend many shapes of rebar stirrups.

How many shapes can make?

more than 150 kinds

How to buy the machine

Please contact me or send inquiry to me or call us and then we can guide you


Packing of stirrup  bending  machine  price
1. 1 pc wood case , weight 1980kg,dimension:3300*1000*1980mm.
2. The packing can do as customers' requirement.
By sea to your nearest port;
By air to your nearest airport;
By express (DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT,EMS)to your door;
Ship to the warehouse in China according to the customers’ requirement


Quality gurantee

12months Quality warranty period (after put into operation formally).

Provide technical guide for dust collector forever.

After Quality Warranty period, will provide the spare parts with cost price.

All the machines provided by our factory will be tested before ship.



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