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High Speed Lifelong Technical Support Metal Cloth Hanger 2D CNC Wire Forming Bending Machine

cnc 3 axis wire bending machine without the need of the special mold, it greatly reduces the time and cost of the newly developed product; the stereoscopic molding can produce a three-dimensional shape line molding product; with an auxiliary lifting platform, it can further guarantee the production.
The stability and consistency of the product; the cutting knife can move downward to allow more space for product molding.
Diameter of wire:
Machine Type:
Applicable wire:
Control system:
  • ZD-2D-308
  • Greatcity
  • 8463300000

high speed wire forming machine Product Advantages:

1. In principle, the head turning molding machine has the advantages of no turning, light head structure and no turning, which ensures the fast and stable production
2. Computer power on, power off fast, simple and convenient operation. The computer interface can adjust the speed and change the program at the same time of
3. High speed motor imported from Japan and reducer imported from Germany are used in the configuration. The production speed is more than 25% higher than that of
    domestic counterparts.
4. Wire feeding and rotating arm are separated and matched. When the head is turned, the wire can not be turned, and the small outer diameter arc and multi circle 
    products can be formed.
5. The production can realize that the angle does not change at the slowest angle, and the production stability is better.
6. Bearing, gear and other important parts are imported from Taiwan, with 8760 hours guarantee, and the equipment is durable and reliable.
7. High precision, can do 2.0-14 mm wire diameter range of wire forming products, error reduced to 0.1 mm
8. The matching use of the steel wire butt joint machine makes the line changing operation of the machine more convenient.

ZD-2D-308 model  high speed wire forming machine  technical specification:



number of  axles


processing wire dameter range 

3—8mm (iron wire )

Number of feeder wheels (group)


Applicable wire

Round wire, flat wire  square wire (suitable for any wire material)


10,000 data, 300 actions in a group

minimum feeding speed(m/min)


Servo motor power of feeding shaft(kW)


Power of Servomotor for Cutter Shaft(kW)


Power of Folded Axis Servomotor(kW)


Direction of action

Internal and external die can be lifted and bended in both directions.

Feeding  accuracy(mm)


minimum bending speed



20-24pcs/min,(200*200mm square shape)

operating system

32-bit Chinese and English (with upload and download function)

Input power supply


weight (KG)


Dimension (length*width*height mm)


high speed wire forming machine  video link on youtube :

Greatcity  brand high speed wire forming machine and 2d Wire Bender Machine 2D Automatic cnc wire bending machine 3D/2D CNC steel wire bending machine manufacturer easy operating and cheap price Automatic cnc 2D metal steel zigzag spring wire bending forming machine

wire bending machine

wire bending machine

wire bending machine

wire bending machine

wire bending machine

wire bending machine

2D wire bending machine



 1. Auto Industry area

 2. Metal wire industry

 3. Display table and cargo shelf

 4. Furniture and Kitchen

 5. Hardware industry

 6. Mattress,Sofa spring area

 7. Architecture area

high speed wire forming machine Packaging

Stable wooden package protects machine from strike and damage.

Wound plastic film keeps machine out of damp and corrosion.

Fumigation-free package helps the smooth customs clearance.

The big size machine will be fixed in container without package.



For LCL, we cooperated with reputable logistics team to send machine to sea port speedily and safely.

For FCL, we get the container and do container loading by our skillful workers carefully.


1.Q:Are you high speed wire forming machine manufacturer?
   A:Yes, We are manufacturer.
2.Q: What are the payment terms?

   A: Pattern of pattern :we can accept L/C ,T/T , Western Union , Money Gram
3. Q: What is the whole business flow cooperation with us ?
    A:1.Firstly,send your inquiry to us,make us have learned your requirement
        2.We will be drawing a proforma invoice according to your requirement ,and start production after you finished to pay
           30% deposit.
        3.All of the goods, packing details, and B/L copy will be send to buyer after finished production. We will arrange
           shipment and provide original B/L after the buyer finished to pay the balance.
4. Q: What if you encounter technical problems?
     A:Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know what kind of technical problems you encounter and the
        details. We will give you a solution within 24 hours.
5. Q: What advantages we have?
    A: Rich experience: We have been in this line for 20 years . we can provide solution according to the problem of the buyer meet in the production process.






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