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Stirrup Bender Cutting Machine,rebar Bending Cutting Machine Automatic,3d Cnc Wire Bending Cutting Machine

1. The error of the full servo motor is smaller, the bending efficiency is higher, and the error is less than that of the hydraulic machine.
2, CNC operation is more convenient than the same PLC product operation, easy to learn, generally have a primary school education within half an hour to edit the simple program.
3. Since all servo motors are used, there will be no hydraulic failure, the failure rate is lower, the scrubbing is more convenient, and the pollution will not be caused by oil pollution.
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Advantages & Feature:
3d Cnc Wire Bending Cutting Machine   is to produce kinds of 2D and 3D wire forms expertly with high precision and fast speed. Adopts Japanese Sanyo Denki Servo motorand screen display with Taiwan controller.

3-4 pairs feeding roller, feeding motor fixed on the bottom base, so as to decrease the feeding box weight, that wire rotatings more fast and light, turning angle is more precise and stable.

Twisting head is designed in copper tube transport, more stable and stronger than bearing transfer.

Application Field:

1) Auto Industryarea 

2) Netal wire industry

3) Furniture and kitchen

5) Hardware industry

6) Mattress, sofa spring srea

7) Architecture area

8) Hardware Artcrafe

Pls contact freely, i will show more testing video wire bending forming machine as your request.

3d Cnc Wire Bending Cutting Machine  technical specification

Processing line specification Hard material: Φ2-Φ6mm Soft material: Φ3-Φ8mm
Wire motor power 3.5KW     China Taizhou
wire reducer 1:5
Rotary arm motor power 2.7KW   Taiwan brand
rotary arm reducer 1:7  
Angle motor power 2.0KW   Taiwan brand
angle reducer  1:10
Lift motor power 1.0KW   Germany brand
lifting reducer 1:32
Cutter motor power 1.0KW
cutter speed reducer 1:28     Taiwan brand
Control axis number 5-axis
Maximum wire feed speed 90 m / min
Wire feeding accuracy 300mm±0.1


3d Cnc Wire Bending Cutting Machine video on youtube :

wire bending machine (4)

wire bending machine (6)

wire bending machine (7)

3D wire bending machine _06 (7)

3d Cnc Wire Bending Cutting Machine advantages:

1. Wire Bending Machine With straightening, cutting,(no interference) with bending, one-time forming, 5 times more efficient than traditional models

2. Wire Bending Machine Design concept: replace the manual with the machine, no need to straighten equipment, no need to open the mold to produce. What shape the customer needs to bend, as long as it is on a flat surface, our machines can meet all the requirements.

3.Wire Bending Machine Applicable to iron wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire (round, square, flat wire), curved square, round, hexagonal, elliptical and other irregular shapes and various flat buckles, all kinds of hooks.

4. Wire Bending Machine Mainly for car seat skeleton, sun visor skeleton, square snake spring, pet cage breeding cage, bicycle basket, motorcycle accessories, garden garden flower stand, wire crafts, iron wire bathroom kitchen supplies, all kinds of wire forming design, with High processing capacity and high processing speed and precision.





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