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Factory CE quality two rollers high precision hydraulic steell bar Threading Rolling Machine with auto feeding of materials

1.threading machine rolling system is controlled by PLC numerical control system. All the control parts are 24V safety circuit, and also equipped with motor and power conflict protection system to ensure the safety and stability of man-machine operation.
2. The thread rolling machine for steel bar is equipped with manual, semi-automatic and automatic three working modes, which can adjust the interval time and rolling time as required.
Product name:
Production Capacity:
  • Z28-200
  • Greatcity
  • 8462419000

Product Application

threading machine rolling  is divided into two axis rolling machine and three axis thread rolling machine
1, two axis wire rolling machine has very strong superiority in hardware building, automobile and motorcycle fittings, traffic power, standard parts.
2, three axis rolling machine is triangle support in the pipe thread processing industry, true fidelity roundness, concentricity and perpendicularity
It is a multifunctional cold extrusion rolling thread machine, the workpiece in the cold rolling pressure range can be made to straight lines, twill, spur, helical and bevel gear spline rolling; straightening, necking, rolling light and various rolling forming. The machine has safe and reliable electric liquid control system and implementation, which can make each work cycle in manual, semi-automatic and automatic selection in three ways. The cold rolling is an advanced non cutting process, which can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of workpiece, the radial compressive stress produced during processing, and can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsion strength of the workpiece. It is an ideal process with high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption.

threading machine rolling can equipped the auto feeding and loading machine. pls inquiry for details.


SPECIFICATIONS FOR GREATCITY thread rolling machine  ZP28-200
Rolled thread range
Hobbing wheel range
outside dia:Φ120-170 hole dia:Φ75
Max width:100
Maximum rolling pressure
Main axis

Obiquity +5
Hydraulic auto feeding time regulation range 
Cease time regulation range 
sMain axis transmission power
Hydraulic transmission power
machine weight

threading machine rolling  video link on youtube :

threading machine rolling:
L and R are two pairs of involute rolling wheels with the same parameters, which are installed on two spindles of the rebar thread rolling machines, and can rotate synchronously under the drive of the transmission mechanism.The R wheel can be driven by the oil cylinder for radial feed motion, and the L wheel can be adjusted by adjusting the mechanism to coincide with the indentation of the R wheel on the surface of the workpiece P. The P locate the two center hole clamping, the adjustment fixture can make the axial movement in the force around the fixture O and spindle parallel to the axis of an angle, to ensure that the workpiece in the cold rolling process and keep two rolling wheels to roll in the free state, and convenient clamping the workpiece. The structure size, geometrical tolerance and technical requirements of the rolling wheel are formulated according to the rolling wheel and cylindrical measuring gear. The length of the normal line or the cross bar distance of the rolling wheel M is calculated according to the spline data of the gear, and the required material can be Cr12MoV (hardness 59 ~ 62HRC)

rebar thread rolling machine (5)

rebar thread rolling machine (1)

rebar thread rolling machine (2)

rebar thread rolling machine (3)

1. What’s the price of threading rollers?
Re: Kindly please let me know your rod material and the detailed size, such as diameter and thread pitch, etc., so that we can check for you accordingly.
2. We have different rod diameter from 20-80mm, how to choose threading rollers?
Re: The threading roller will be suitable for various length and diameter, but for different thread pitch, it should be changed accordingly.
3. How to operate the threading machine rolling, assuming it has auto cycle and foot pedal?
Re: The thread rolling machine is equipped with button control panel and foot pedal, so the working cycle can be exchanged as automatic work or inching.
4. What’s the capacity of the thread rolling machine and what’s the serve life?
Re: The speed of thread rolling machine is about 1m/min.
Generally speaking, the roller can be used for more than 60000 meters long.
Also it is relevant to the material hardness and your operation.
5. Do you have customers in our country?
We are the leader thread rolling machine supplier in China, also we have customers worldwide, such as America, Argentina, Brazil, Belarus, Bangladesh, Germany, Israel, India, and Italy.

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Packaging information: standard export non-fumigation wooden packing for  threading machine rolling .you can choose by sea container or air. We have our own farwarder. We can check the delivery information timely. You can also use forwarder by yours. We will contact with him in the first time.

Shipping  time:within 3-5  days after receiving the deposi


If Any questions or other requirements for threading machine rolling,welcome to contact me at any time!




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