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Steel pipe and bar shrinking machine reduce diameter machine

steel bar reducing machine can be used for large diameter round steel,ground screw,double-head construction screws,high-speed bridge screws,and the ideal equipment for producing mine anchors,anchor screws and long rod screws.the device can compress the material into the diameter of the thread at a time, and enhance the density and length of the material,and improve the tensile strength of the bolt.It is a replacement product that replaces the lathe.Compared with the instrument lathe,the processing speed is fast,the finish is high,the size is accurate,and the length of the material can be extended to save material and reduce the cost.
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Product Application

steel bar reducing machine is a kind of non-cutting machine. It has the advantages of avoiding production efficiency, simple process, easy operation, saving raw materials and stable quality. It makes use of hydraulic technology to feed the shrinkage parts of round steel and thread steel into special abrasive tools for cold compression molding. The density of the shrinkage part of the steel can be greatly increased, so as to improve the compressive strength of the material. However, the plasticity and impact toughness do not decrease, so that the strength of the screw part and the rod part is the same, and the drawbacks of reducing the resistance to pressure and impact toughness due to the peeling of the lathe are solved

TS-40 steel bar reducing machine technical specification 

round bar diameter reducing machine 
diameter reducing range 
length reducing range 
diameter reducing speed 
diameter reducing scope 
motor power 

diameter reducing machine (5)

Main Features

1. The steel bar reducing machine tool belongs to non-cutting processing equipment. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, easy operation, saving raw materials and stable quality. It uses the hydraulic technology to send the circular steel and other parts which need to be shortened into a special die, and through one-off cold compression to form the required straight. The density of partial compression steel can be greatly improved, so as to improve the pit pressure strength of materials. Shaping and impact toughness are not decreasing.
2, the production efficiency is high: compressible 3-5 parts per minute, 3-5 times higher than the lathe efficiency. Each bed can produce 2000-3000 pieces per class, which is very suitable for mass production.
3, the product quality is high: the diameter, roundness and taper error of the workpiece after diameter compression are not more than 0.03mm. The finish is more than 7, and steel is saved. After extrusion, the workpiece can be extended by 10% to 15%. Taking the diameter 20mm round steel as an example, an annual output of 864000 can save 30 tons of steel.


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diameter reducing machine (1)

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diameter reducing machine (4)

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Pre-Sales Service

steel bar reducing machine Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 

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After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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steel bar reducing machine Packaging

size:2400 (L) * 1330 (W) * 1650 (D)


Packaging Details:The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


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