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Greatcity supply all types of Chain Making Machine automatic

1.This types of chain making machine is designed to expertly produce kinds of oval steel chains and small key chain fully automatically.
2.The machine has adopted mechanical driven system, with inching control, it can produce double hooked chain very fast and cost low consumption.
Wire diameter:
After-sales Service :
feeding length :
production capacity/minute:
  • JD-CM4
  • Greatcity
  • 8463300000

Performance and characteristics of the machine

  1. Novel style, compact and reasonable structure; easy maintenance and operation.

2. The types of chain making machine is equipped with output setting and automatic control functions (automatic shutdown when the output reaches the set value) and a manual rotation function. It is more convenient to adjust and test the mold by using a gear type thimble mechanism. It is safe and reliable, and can be pushed in multiple stages.

3. The hand pump can supply oil to various lubrication points, which is convenient for lubrication and good in effect. It adopts gear transmission wire feeding, its feeding wire length is accurate, easy to operate and easy to adjust (set).

4, advanced, stable, reliable, fast, high precision, change the traditional traditional buckle transmission mode (chain type), all use gear transmission, high transmission efficiency, low power loss, good self-locking performance, can avoid stress due to the chain It is elongated, which causes the slider to loosen, which causes the accuracy to decrease. The friction type wire feeding mechanism is used to feed the wire, and its locking (clamping) action is reliable. The length of the wire is adjusted by fine adjustment, and its length is accurate, high speed and convenient.

JD-CM4 model types of chain making machine technical specification :

Name Ring chain machine 
wire diameter  1.5-4.0mm
Feeding length  0-235mm
production capacity/minute 40-50pcs
Motor power 1.1kw
Dimension 125*115*161cm
weight  600kg

types of chain making machine video on youtube:

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain making machine

chain workpiece

Package:Wooden package.
Shipping way:Every types of chain making machine will be tested before sending out and you can choose the shipping way of  by sea, by air or by land.

chain making machine

Our Company :

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chain making machine

We also have other types of chain making machine for oval chain and circle chain forimng. Please feel free to send your inquiry if you are interesting, greatcity at your service anytime, thanks in advance.




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